It shouldn’t be controversial to give rights back to parents. ABC has more:   The North Carolina State Senate passed Senate Bill 49, known as Parents’ Bill of Rights, Tuesday afternoon in a 29-18 vote on party lines. It follows a series of approvals through committees, after first being introduced a week ago.  “The government is […]

President Biden will be addressing the country at tonight’s State of the Union address. CBS News has more:   Each year, members of Congress and the first lady use invite guests to the State of the Union who they want to honor, thank or use highlight particular issues.  President Biden is delivering his State of the Union […]

The infamous Chinese spy balloon was shot down on Saturday off the coast of South Carolina. China says it was an “an accidental incident caused by force majeure.” CNBC reports:   Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Mao Ning urged both sides to remain calm after the U.S. said it shot down what it called […]

Hour 1:  A Chinese balloon over the US,  why did it take so long to find out. The military is weighing options and they are afraid if it is shot down it will endanger civilians. The Chinese claim that it is a weather balloon. Callers weigh in on what is the balloon is and how […]

The Parents’ Bill of Rights has new life after NC Republicans approved the bill. The Charlotte Observer has more:  Senate Republicans advanced the controversial Parents’ Bill of Rights Wednesday after lengthy and heated opposition from some legislators, parents and students who say the law would be harmful to LGBTQ students and a burden on school […]

CNBC reports:  FBI agents on Wednesday are searching the Rehoboth, Delaware, beach home of President Joe Biden as part of an investigation into the previous discovery of classified documents at other locations connected to the president, his personal lawyer said.  The planned, consensual visit is the first publicly known time that the FBI conducted a search of the Rehoboth residence. Agents did […]

The Biden administration plans to end the public health emergency in May. The Hill has more:  The Biden administration on Monday announced that the COVID-19 public health emergency, which has been in place since January 2020, is set to end on May 11.  “The COVID-19 national emergency and public health emergency (PHE) were declared by the Trump […]

The deadly beating of Tyre Nichols is just the latest tragedy to spark protests around the country. AP news reports:   The Memphis police chief disbanded the city’s so-called Scorpion unit on Saturday, citing a “cloud of dishonor” from newly released video that showed some of its officers beating Tyre Nichols to death after stopping the Black motorist.  Police Director […]

Even with Donald Trump leading in early polling, will it be Ron DeSantis who becomes the GOP nominee in 2024? Bloomberg has more:   Tana Goertz, who was one of Trump’s Iowa organizers in 2016, so far isn’t returning for 2024, but said she is still behind him.   Talk show host Steve Deace, who is […]

The AP reports:   Germany and the United States announced Wednesday that they will send advanced battle tanks to Ukraine, offering what one expert called an “armored punching force” to help Kyiv break combat stalemates as the Russian invasion enters its 12th month.  The announcement marked the first stage of a coordinated effort by the […]