The Parents’ Bill of Rights has new life after NC Republicans approved the bill. The Charlotte Observer has more: 

Senate Republicans advanced the controversial Parents’ Bill of Rights Wednesday after lengthy and heated opposition from some legislators, parents and students who say the law would be harmful to LGBTQ students and a burden on school districts and educators. Senate Bill 49 is similar to a House bill from the 2021-22 legislative session that received widespread criticism for potentially scaring LGBTQ students from discussing their gender or sexual identities. It would have banned certain curriculum for grades K-3. This year’s version of the bill extends to the fourth grade. Lawmakers debated the bill’s merits in a Senate Education Committee meeting Wednesday before voting to move it forward in the legislative process. Democratic legislators resisted the bill, citing potential harm to marginalized students and arguing the bill would add stress to an understaffed school system. A report released Wednesday by the state Department of Public Instruction shows educator vacancies have risen in North Carolina’s public schools by more than 50%. 

 Also, more GOP candidates challenging Donald Trump in the 2024 primaries. 

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