It shouldn’t be controversial to give rights back to parents. ABC has more:  

The North Carolina State Senate passed Senate Bill 49, known as Parents’ Bill of Rights, Tuesday afternoon in a 29-18 vote on party lines. It follows a series of approvals through committees, after first being introduced a week ago. 

“The government is not a partner in raising our children. Parents have the duty and responsibility to raise their own children according to their own cultural, social and religious beliefs. Opponents to the Parents’ Bill of Rights will keep the parents from finding out what the curriculum is, place barriers in the parents’ way and complicate policies with shrouds of bureaucratic secrecy. The Parents’ Bill of Rights is really about acknowledging parents’ vital role in their children’s lives,” said State Sen. Amy Galey, a Republican who represents Alamance and Randolph counties, who is one of three primary sponsors of the legislation. 

Senate Bill 49 prohibits instruction on gender identity, sexual activity, or sexuality in kindergarten through fourth grade, though teachers would be able to respond to student-initiated questions. It would also require parents be informed of a change to the name or pronoun for a student in the school records and allow them the right to review course materials and books their children check out of the school library, amongst other measures. 

Also, Vince talks about last night’s State of the Union delivered by President Joe Biden. 

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