Retire(Meant) For Living

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The show focuses on the good life in retirement and is dedicated to helping the hardworking residents in the Charlotte area build comfortable retirements and lasting family legacies.


Since our founding in 2009, Belmont Capital Advisors has grown as an independent firm with solutions ranging from wealth management to retirement planning. In many ways, working with individual investors truly reflects the heart of our firm.


This is because we are an organization built on relationships – close, long-term relationships cemented over generations by a spirit of trust, integrity, and transparency.


It is also because, like you, we are investors ourselves. We share your aspirations for safeguarding, enhancing, and passing on a legacy of financial security built over a lifetime of hard work.


Our Financial Advisors share the values that have built Belmont Capital Advisors.


They appreciate that our name is not merely a brand. It is a living legacy that represents a commitment to delivering excellence to our clients.


They recognize that entrusting your wealth to an investment firm is one of the most difficult and important decisions you will make. As investors ourselves, we understand this.


As investment professionals, we are dedicated to ensuring that your faith in Belmont Capital Advisors is rewarded year after year, from generation to generation.


BCA was voted Best Investment Firm 2017.


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