Even with Donald Trump leading in early polling, will it be Ron DeSantis who becomes the GOP nominee in 2024? Bloomberg has more:  

Tana Goertz, who was one of Trump’s Iowa organizers in 2016, so far isn’t returning for 2024, but said she is still behind him.  

Talk show host Steve Deace, who is closely plugged-in with Christian conservatives in Iowa, said Trump alienated some in the party over his support for lockdowns early in the Covid-19 pandemic and other health care freedom issues. 

The Florida governor has subtly drawn contrasts with Trump on those topics, noting that he re-opened Florida schools and businesses far earlier than most states and calling the early pandemic lockdown a mistake. 

“DeSantis,” Deace said, “is basically a progeny of Trump — but a lot more likeable and a lot more electable.” 

Also, former Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Frank Reich, has been named the new Head Coach of the Carolina Panthers.

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