Hour 1:  A Chinese balloon over the US,  why did it take so long to find out. The military is weighing options and they are afraid if it is shot down it will endanger civilians. The Chinese claim that it is a weather balloon. Callers weigh in on what is the balloon is and how it could be used. This is further evidence of the incompetence of the administration.  Congressman Ralph Norman joins to discuss the effort to reduce the amount of money being sent to Ukraine by the US Government , and the weather balloon situation. The comments of the new democratic leader of the house of representatives and other democrats indicate that they are socialists.

Hour 2:  Now the State department is saying that the balloon is a violation of our air space.  Faith Focus Friday: Comments about today’s religion and how today Christianity has been weakened by trying to keep faith private and not lived. Played excerpts of an interview of Morgan Freeman on black history, questioning on how we handle black history. Vince is questioning the way that black history is presented. Callers comment on Faith Focus Friday and Black History. Representative Ilhan Omar has been removed from the intellingence committee. Vince questions if she should even have US citizenship. Finished with this day in history.