Off The Beat With Brett Jensen

A two alarm fire has been reported at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Brett Jensen reports on the latest. UPDATED 3:50pm 3/23/22:      

Brett Jensen joins the show to reminisce on his trip to Ukraine, and seeing those images in the news now, surrounded by war.

Brett Winterble is joined by Brett Jensen to discuss the stunning renovations made to the Charlotte FC Stadium!

"Don't leave your politics at the doorstep of the classroom."

Since the start of school on Aug. 25, very little, if anything, has gone right for CMS and Superintendent Earnest Winston. Thus far, 15 guns have been found on campuses and at least four sexual assaults have been alleged by students. Moreover, CMS has made national news due to pornographic drawings being shown in a […]

"That makes 15 guns since August 25th"

"From what I've been told, this incident does involve two students."

"We're talking about a gun every 3 to 4 days that's being found on a CMS campus."

"I think both schools want this to go away immediately..."

"It appears to be solely a CMS thing."