Methodists from all over the world are coming to Charlotte next week for their General Conference. They will be voting on a raft of changes that are expected to spell victory for the Progressives inside the church that have been ignoring rules on LGBT issues. Many traditionalist congregations have already "disaffiliated" from the United Methodist Church - leading to the largest downsizing of the Methodist movement since the 1800s.

US Congressman Ro Khanna complains that players in the WNBA are not paid the same as men in the NBA. Plus, there is a correct way to load the dishwasher.

NPR editor, Uri Berliner, resigned today over his published criticism of the public radio company's bias and the retribution he has suffered as a result. Plus, Real Clear Investigations finds the "whistleblower" that prompted Trump's impeachment was involved in Biden's Ukraine operations... which is what Trump wanted probed.

Welcome to this Hump Day edition of the Vince Coakley Radio Program! Vince starts the show by talking about the vast amount of choices people have for consuming news and media today compared to when he was growing up + why he thinks we need to stop funding NPR amid the story about the editor […]

The new CEO of National Public Radio releases a statement proving correct the criticism from longtime NPR editor, Uri Berliner, that the institution is captured by blinded progressives.

Leah McGhee's son, Christian, was given a class assignment with vocabulary words that included "alien." The student asked if it meant extraterrestrials or "illegal aliens without green cards." He was suspended.

From increased crime, to Palestinian protests blocking roads, to self-described transgender women accosting teens in locker rooms, the antagonism towards civil society will continue until Americans determine they've had enough.

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The Israeli Defense Force reportedly will retaliate against Iran, after the Islamic Republic launched a barrage of missile and drone attacks over the weekend. Plus, weird taxes.

Iran launches an attack on Israel over the weekend, and it failed in such a spectacular manner that a narrative has developed that their humiliation was intentional.