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Jason Lewis fills in for Pete Kaliner. Al Conklin from WBTV joins to talk about the Beatles visit and the interview by Steve Crump. Discussion about Bidenomics and the effect on the economy. Played an excerpt of Jason’s audio book, “Party Animal”. More discussion about the Beatles.

Jason Lewis fills in for Pete.  Eric Bollinger, from The Balance,  on Newsmax,  joins to discuss the reasons for the success of Newsmax. Discussion and trivia about the Beatles and their concert in Charlotte in 1993.

Jason Lewis fills in for Pete.Do these indictments open a can of worms in Washington? Fitch ratings has lowered the credit rating of the US to AA from AAA. The debt is now larger than the GNP. Busch has now admitted that their sales in the US for Bud Light have dropped considerably because of […]

Many republicans would abandon Donald Trump if he were convicted, while democrats want the trials televised. The magistrate overseeing the arraignment of Trump yesterday warned him of influencing, threatening, or bribing potential witnesses. Excerpts of Al Sharpton comments on MSNBC on the Trump indictments. In a new poll, 45 percent of republicans vote for Trump […]

A McClatchy newspaper columnist in North Carolina says the only thing she learned about communism was that it was bad, but she thinks Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s call for people to learn why communism is bad is just a culture war tactic.

This episode is presented by Carolina Readiness Supply — North Carolina Republican lawmakers are running a bill that would let parents go to court on claims that a school superintendent has violated their fundamental right to parent. If five parents are successful, the law then allows the school board to fire the superintendent or reduce […]

President Joe Biden just tried to munch on a toddler’s shoulder while attending a grip-and-grin in Europe. Also, North Carolina’s Democrat Governor celebrates the state being named the best for business by… attacking the legislature that implemented the reforms that led to the ranking

This show features interviews with presidential candiates Tim Scott and Nikki Haley. mark Garrison gives a history of Myrtle Beach and Putt Putt Golf. HA Thompson, and Beth’s father the Wayniac join in the last hour. You don’t want to miss the weekly news quiz which ended in a tie.

Why are we calling up reserve troops, Bob Vander Plaat, a leading political activist in Iowa does not want Trump to be the nominee, and drama on the house floor over the Defense Authorization bill. Hollywood is on strike over the use of artificial intelligence.

Brett opened talking about the SCOTUS rulings and how we need to determine our personality as a country. Jim from San Diego added his unique perspective in the last segment. In the second hour, more on not being ashamed to exhibit patriotism. In the last segment, Jefferey Lord, from the American Spectator stops by to […]