America continues to fund Ukraine in its war against Russia. Fox News says many Americans support it. 

Just over half of American voters think Ukraine is winning the war against Russia and nearly two-thirds want to keep helping them in their fight, according to a new Fox News survey. 

Sixty-four percent favor the U.S. continuing to provide weapons to Ukraine and 63% support ongoing financial aid. Those numbers are up a touch compared to six months ago, when approval was 61% for weapons and 59% for money. 

Majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and independents want to help Ukraine in both ways, although to varying degrees.   

About 8 in 10 Democrats back continuing financial (79%) and weapon support (79%). Fewer Republicans and independents feel that way, as just over half favor sending additional funding (51% and 55% respectively) and weapons (55% and 56%). 

Plus, Donald Trump continues to fan the flames ahead of 2024 Presidential bid. 

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