Over the weekend, more unidentified “aircrafts” were spotted and shot down. Business Insider reports:  

A week after shooting down a suspected Chinese spy balloon that floated over the country, F-22 jets shot down an unidentified object threatening flights over Alaska on Friday. Reports offer conflicting details about the object’s capabilities and origin, and US intelligence officials have released limited information about its design or intended purpose. 

Recently, unidentified anomalous phenomena have been observed not just over the United States, but floating above Canada, Colombia, and Costa Rica. 

In addition to the first surveillance balloon seen over the country beginning January 31, a second balloon was spotted floating over Latin America on February 4, and two unidentified objects were shot down over Alaska and Canada on Friday and Saturday. 

An additional object was shot down on Sunday over Lake Huron, in Michigan near the US-Canadian border, prompting a brief closure of the airspace around Michigan to “support Department of Defense activities.” 

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