The Alex Murdaugh trial on hold after a bomb threat forced the evacuation. Listen Here:

After the ACLU of North Carolina defended vile, homophobic, and racist tweets by its lobbyist, the employee helped stoke a threat of violence against Pete. Listen Here:

President Joe Biden’s state of the union speech won’t be remembered for any of the promises he made or attacks he lobbed. It’ll be remembered for the reaction in the House. Also, former House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Rep. Mike Rogers, discusses the embarrassing response by the USA to the Chinese spy balloon. Listen Here:

It shouldn’t be controversial to give rights back to parents. ABC has more:   The North Carolina State Senate passed Senate Bill 49, known as Parents’ Bill of Rights, Tuesday afternoon in a 29-18 vote on party lines. It follows a series of approvals through committees, after first being introduced a week ago.  “The government is […]

Update on the testimony from the Alex Murdaugh trial. Listen Here:

Wrapping up the dragging of a racist and vile ACLU lobbyist. Plus, the North Carolina Supreme Court agrees to fix two terrible decisions handed down by the previous lame-duck leftwing activist court. Listen Here:

Pete’s simple question about whether a 7:00 pm public government meeting was held under the “cloak of night” prompts a barrage of racist, bigoted, and homophobic tweets from the NC ACLU’s Deputy Director of Engagement. Listen Here:

President Biden will be addressing the country at tonight’s State of the Union address. CBS News has more:   Each year, members of Congress and the first lady use invite guests to the State of the Union who they want to honor, thank or use highlight particular issues.  President Biden is delivering his State of the Union […]

Unnamed defense officials gave an off-camera briefing to the media after the Chinese spy balloon was shot down. They said other balloons “transited the continental United States briefly at least three times during the prior administration.” This got spun into an accusation that Trump covered up a feckless response. But Trump was never told and […]

After being shown to be impotent and indecisive in taking out the Chinese spy balloon (after trying to hide its presence from the American people), the Biden administration floated the idea that Donald Trump didn’t act on three similar incursions. Listen Here: