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Today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett and coach Matt Doherty talk about some ways to help live a happier life in today’s hectic society. The Coach explains why it is essential to not only live within your means financially but also find balance in all aspects of your life + why he thinks faith […]

Today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett and coach Matt Doherty are joined by former senior economic advisor and CEO of Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. Andy Puzder. Brett and Andy talk about how to get the American economy back on track, his thoughts on how Biden is making this process harder and what advice he’d give to […]

Leadership expert and TEDx Speaker Vanessa Loder joins the Brett Winterble Show for a conversation about the “mommy penalty” facing working mothers. Loder talks about how modern mothers who also work are still facing age-old problems of picking up the slack and accepting less pay and how she advises people sneak necessary rest into incredibly […]

Today on the Brett Winterble Show we kick things off with WBT host and reporter Breaking Brett Jensen to talk about his interview with Meck. Co. Sheriff Garry McFadden and how a clerical error caused the expungement of thousands of traffic violations. The conversation begins with the major takeaways from the interview with Sheriff McFadden, […]

For most people, even with a family, making more than $350,000 a year would be plenty to live in comfort. But today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett and a caller talk about a man who, despite raking in just that much, reached out to seeking advice on how to make his considerable salary […]

Today on the Brett Winterble Show we’re joined by author Victor Avila to talk about another type of crisis at the border — suicide. Brett and Victor discuss the suicide of a Texas National Guardsman today, the latest in a string of the tragic events. Victor talks about the issues facing these men and women […]

Bo Thompson is back for “Crossing the Streams” on the Brett Winterble Show to discuss Biden’s announcement for $60 million in aid for Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Fiona. Bo and Brett talk about why they think that number is lower than they expected and what they think that indicates for aid coming […]

Today on the Brett Winterble Show we’re joined by Rick Harrison, star of the TV show “Pawn Stars” to talk about filming an episode of his new show “Pawn Stars Do America,” in Winston-Salem October 14-16. Listen here to find out how to get involved in the event + hear about some of the coolest […]

Usually Bo Thompson of Good Morning BT joins us on the Brett Winterble Show for crossing the streams, but today we’ve got Beth Troutman to — as Coach Doherty says — “Cross the Streets!” Coach, Beth and Brett discuss how to prepare for Hurricane Ian as it approaches the Carolinas + discuss a story from […]

The Coach Matt Doherty is back on the Brett Winterble Show and talking physical fitness in light of the report that 77 percent of young American’s are ineligible for military service. Coach talks about why it is important to be healthy regardless of if you’re hoping to join the military and reflect on old gym […]