Over the weekend, more unidentified “aircrafts” were spotted and shot down. Business Insider reports:   A week after shooting down a suspected Chinese spy balloon that floated over the country, F-22 jets shot down an unidentified object threatening flights over Alaska on Friday. Reports offer conflicting details about the object’s capabilities and origin, and US intelligence officials […]

In a recent story by Yahoo, Core U.S. inflation has risen to a 40 year high: A closely watched measure of US consumer prices rose by more than forecast to a 40-year high in September, pressuring the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates even more aggressively to stamp out persistent inflation. The core consumer price index, which […]


One of the country's top GM suppliers and Concord-based, Hendrick Motorsports, will supply the “exo-skeleton” frame and a retractable rollover protection system that allows the nine-passenger vehicle to fit inside of a CH-47 Chinook or be slung from a UH-60 Blackhawk for rapid deployment.