Republican members of Congress are tracking down money transfers from a Chinese energy company to the Biden family members just months after Joe Biden’s term as Vice President. Also, mid-sized banks are asking the government to guarantee all their depositors, as fear spreads that big banks will get bailed out but small ones won’t. Listen […]

  If you thought COVID-19 might have been the result of a lab leak in Wuhan, China… well… it’s time to POUNCE!! From The Hill: Republicans are seizing on a new Energy Department conclusion pointing to a “lab leak” as causing the COVID-19 outbreak to call for swift action against the Chinese government, which has […]

It’s now being reported that the Covid-19 virus originated from a laboratory Wuhan, China. NBC News has more:  The Energy Department concluded with “low confidence” that the Covid-19 pandemic “likely” originated from a laboratory leak in Wuhan, China, according to a classified report delivered to key lawmakers on the House and Senate Intelligence committees, two sources with direct knowledge […]

Gordon Chang joins the show to talk about Russia and China. Listen Here:

The White House has been silent about the Chinese spy balloon and 3 other unidentified objects that were shot down over the last week. NBC News reports:   There are many theories but precious few answers after the U.S. downed three unidentified airborne objects in as many days over the weekend.  Now the White House — under […]

The US military has now shot down four unidentified flying objects in about a week. Is Red China responsible for all of these aircraft? Listen Here:

Over the weekend, more unidentified “aircrafts” were spotted and shot down. Business Insider reports:   A week after shooting down a suspected Chinese spy balloon that floated over the country, F-22 jets shot down an unidentified object threatening flights over Alaska on Friday. Reports offer conflicting details about the object’s capabilities and origin, and US intelligence officials […]

President Joe Biden’s state of the union speech won’t be remembered for any of the promises he made or attacks he lobbed. It’ll be remembered for the reaction in the House. Also, former House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Rep. Mike Rogers, discusses the embarrassing response by the USA to the Chinese spy balloon. Listen Here:

President Biden will be addressing the country at tonight’s State of the Union address. CBS News has more:   Each year, members of Congress and the first lady use invite guests to the State of the Union who they want to honor, thank or use highlight particular issues.  President Biden is delivering his State of the Union […]

Unnamed defense officials gave an off-camera briefing to the media after the Chinese spy balloon was shot down. They said other balloons “transited the continental United States briefly at least three times during the prior administration.” This got spun into an accusation that Trump covered up a feckless response. But Trump was never told and […]