President Joe Biden met with China’s leader in San Francisco. What did he get? A halt to the flood of fentanyl and cyber-attacks? No more threats to Taiwan and the Philippines? Joe got us… some pandas. Listen Here:

The “Five Eyes” intelligence agencies say China has ramped up spying operations on western civilians, officials, and corporations. Meanwhile, its “Belt and Road” debt trap operation is slowing. Follow the money. Listen Here:

New bank records show $260,000 in payments to Joe Biden’s home from Chinese nationals, and Pete should stop talking about it because… poor Hunter Biden and SHUT UP! Listen Here:

The US House Oversight Committee says bank records of Hunter Biden show Chinese nationals wired $260,000 to Joe Biden’s home address. The White House says Hunter was living there at the time. But Hunter told a court he was living in California. Listen Here:

War correspondent Michael Yon reports how groups of military-age Chinese men are flowing through the Darien Gap in Panama, on route to the United States. China expert Gordon Chang says these are the shock troops of China’s People’s Liberation Army who will attack American infrastructure when China invades Taiwan. Meanwhile, the communist nation is sending […]

Despite a government report saying both a lab leak hypothesis and a zoonotic hypothesis are plausible, a columnist at the LA Times seized on the report to pounce on people and organizations that have examined the lab leak theory. Listen Here:

Former DIA Intelligence Officer in the Trump administration, and Lt. in the Navy Reserve, Matt Shoemaker, joins me to discuss the Russian coup, secret underwater microphones, and the Biden-China scandal. Listen Here:

Despite the magnitude of the story – that COVID-19 was engineered in the Wuhan Institute of Virology as part of a bioweapons project – US media is ignoring the story. Listen Here:

The UK Times has the definitive investigation into the origins of COVID-19. It was developed in a lab in Wuhan as a bioweapon before it escaped the lab. Listen Here:

The Chinese Communist military has surrounded the island nation of Taiwan and is simulating an attack on it. Meanwhile, the Chinese have been making diplomatic inroads in Africa, and has become that continent’s largest trading partner. Listen Here: