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Kanye & Trump SNL parody

Source: NBC screen cap / NBC

It’s hard not to be upset with how some people have disregarded COVID-19 health recommendations.

As we see cases climb in every state, a majority of entertainers, sports figures and politicians treat guidelines differently than the people who support them. Some of the examples of this open-ended hypocrisy are concerning.

For instance, NFL coaches are notorious for pulling down their masks on the sidelines. But it goes right back up after calling a play or yelling at a referee. Yes, It’s understood most of the games are being played outside and that it is somehow “safer” than playing in a dome. The same thing with college basketball coaches, except those games are indoors.

Is this all to make the television audience feel comfortable?

Another one is the way NBC’s Saturday Night Live did their show over the weekend. Several actors made close contact without a mask during skits, but all of them were hugging it out with masks on at the show’s end. Once again, why is there a need to change how you protect yourself? Does the show not “go on” without this?

I also noticed something happening in my own neighborhood this weekend. There’s a major motion picture being filmed across the street from my house. While this is great for North Carolina, the production value that comes with a full-scale project means having an abundance of crew members. There was a food tent on the makeshift lot feeding those people working on the film. They enjoy the luxury of gathering together in the same area where restaurants are shutting down or heavily-restricted by Gov. Roy Cooper’s executive orders.

Pat gives his thoughts on the current state of COVID-19 restrictions below.