Tyson embodied the struggles of African-American women and her performances often demanded mainstream appeal. She played the roles of suppressed women whether that be former slaves, civil rights icons, sharecroppers and mothers with a sense of pride and strength, along with feeling out each character as her own. 

The Bo Thompson Morning Show

Don't be thrown off by the smoke and mirrors. What's really going on in the background is nothing more than an avalanche of irresponsible changes from our new leadership in Washington. We're approaching a time where fiscal responsibility doesn't matter. Let's just hope you're not taken away by all the fireworks besides our new president and vice president before it's too late. 


It's hard not to be upset with how some people have disregarded COVID-19 health recommendations. As we see cases climb in every state, a majority of entertainers, sports figures and politicians treat guidelines differently than the people who support them.