Is the Covid pandemic finally over? According to President Biden, it is. An article from Politico outlines the Presidents conversation on 60 Minutes: President Joe Biden said, “the pandemic is over” in discussing Covid during an interview that aired on Sunday evening on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” “The pandemic is over,” the president told Scott Pelley as they […]

This week the White House said that a single annual coronavirus shot should provide a "high degree of protection against serious illness all year." Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman takes calls from listeners answering this question: "Would you get the yearly Covid-19 booster just like you get the flu shot?"

Rather than attempt to tamp down anger, President Joe Biden delivered a political speech with a Nazi aesthetic last week. It was seen as an aggressive provocation of half the nation by lifelong Democrat Scott J. Street: As speeches go, the Biden speech was a letdown, filled with shallow attacks on broad categories of people and, […]

In this hour, NFL QB Aaron Rodgers joined Joe Rogan to talk about how hard the NFL was pushing the Covid vaccine last year. The modern woman movement is all about empowering the woman and putting down the man. Plus, an Australian company’s big push to move to electric vehicles by 2025.

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announce new guidelines (that are remarkably similar to the guidelines “COVID deniers” proposed), there needs to be a real accounting of mistakes that were made. The purpose is not to impugn, but to ensure the mistakes are never made again.

I oppose the death penalty, but am willing to allow it for people who recline their seats on short airline flights – potentially injuring passengers sitting in the emergency exit seats (a/k/a: the Hero Seats). Plus, the CDC waves the white flag on COVID.

An Alamance County speedway is suing the North Carolina Health and Human Services Secretary over the COVID lockdown orders. The racetrack owner said the order was unconstitutional. A panel of NC Court of Appeals judges said the suit may proceed.

In this hour, Vince talks about the recent protest by AOC. The House passes a bill that will help preserve same-sex marriage. Also, the latest on Covid-19.

Today on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” Brett shared audio from Dr. David Priest from Novant as he updated the media on the most recent variant of COVID-19. Dr. Priest shared information on vaccination as well as how contagious the latest variant is + why masking is still safely a personal choice given the current climate. […]

In this hour, the SCOTUS rulings on Roe v Wade and gun control are set to be announced in the coming days. Also, more on gun control and the shooting in Uvalde, TX.