Many people have been forced out of their homes, families are losing livestock and family pets, due to the train derailment in Palestine, Ohio that contained toxic chemicals. Fox News reports: 

A resident of Palestine, Ohio, was forced to move his family out of their home on Monday after suffering from headaches as a foul smell engulfed his community and place of work almost two weeks after a train derailment that leaked toxic chemicals into the air. 

Many questions remain unanswered after a train consisting of approximately 50 cars, including several carrying highly toxic vinyl chloride, derailed en route to Pennsylvania on the evening of Feb. 3 due to a broken axle. Authorities decided to burn off the toxic gases to avoid an explosion, sending hydrogen chloride and phosgene, a toxic chemical used as a weapon in World War I, into the air.  

The controlled release of toxic chemicals shrouded the town in thick plumes of black smoke. While evacuated residents were told it was safe to return home shortly after, dead animals and mounting reports of sick residents reporting headaches and other suspicious symptoms have locals fearing the worst isn’t over. 

Plus, how many more unidentified objects will we see flying over the U.S.? 

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