Vince Coakley

Vince reviews the current monkeypox outbreak and what we know about it. Later in the hour, Vince disagrees with Senator Jim Clyburn’s comments on race.

Vince reviews how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been banned from communion because of her stance on abortion and had a general discussion on abortion as well. In the second half of the hour, Vince discusses the baby formula crisis and the formula being sent from Europe to help ease the crisis.

WBT midday host Vince Coakley joins Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman with what intrigues him most about this Election Day. 

Vince discusses another mega-church implosion, this time at The Celebration Church in Florida. In segments two and three, relationships with God are discussed on a book by Steve Crosby.

Vince discusses Elon Musk and Twitter. What effect will this have on Twitter and how we tweet. In segments two and three, Vince gives an update on the SC woman who was mauled by dogs and a discussion with callers about dogs. This hour wraps up with how the pendulum has swung from left to […]

Vince discusses love and relationships, parenting, and sexuality in this country.

In segment one the focus is on Ukraine, segment two is on the agreement between the FEC and the DNC on a fine. Will Smith is the topic of segment three and in segment four, Vince addresses comments by Senator Lindsey Graham

Vince plays excerpts from Governor Desantis, and Katie Perry. Vince went over a variety of statements from and about Disney.

In segment one, Vince discusses the beginning of life during pregnancy, and the transgender bill just enacted in OK. Segments two and three are about oil and inflation. Segment four is about parental rights and comments from Charlie Crisp on the Florida education law.

In segments one and two Vince discusses the Will Smith incident. Segment three is on the Steven Colbert monolog on Peter Doocy questioning president Biden.