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The talking points have gone out, and journalismers at corporate media outlets are amplifying The Official Narrative. They are smearing the actual journalist reporting on the internal decisions at Twitter to suppress the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election as a “doing PR for the richest man on Earth.”

David Strom at Hot highlights the nonsense:

Musk is releasing the Twitter files through Taibbi, and the media Elite™ are in full attack mode against Taibbi. Utterly unhinged attacks.

Utterly unhinged and totally coordinated attacks. Almost as if there is an official MSM Narrative™ they are trying to push.

It’s pretty obvious that the word went out about the talking points and the entire MSM and Left Twitter compliantly put out the spin. Taibbi is doing PR work for Elon Musk, not bread and butter reporting. Despite having access to the actual raw data.

The attacks on Taibbi are totally ridiculous. 95% of the “news” is repeating what powerful people want out there. Leaks come from powerful people. Press releases come from powerful people. Deep Throat was a powerful person. The media rarely covers anything else. Reporters need not be stenographers for the powerful, but every single one of them utterly depends upon what the powerful tell them.

Most of those leaks are utterly unsubstantiated. Many are outright false, but printed verbatim. Taibbi is using the actual raw data and releasing it for the world to see. That is actual reporting, not the kind of stenography most reporters do. Even if nothing of note comes out (and I think lots already has), Taibbi will have done us the service of filling in gaps that everybody wanted filled.

People are desperate to know what has been happening at Twitter. Twitter is in the news every single day, near the top of the media agenda. Yet none of these reporters is covering anything besides opinion and insinuations, and they are attacking the sole reporter who has the complete story.

Matt Bevin wonders :

The stated goal of the Twitter Files project has revolutionary potential, and Musk and Taibbi tell us this is just the beginning. By opening up Twitter’s own internal documents, they have the opportunity to detail how Twitter users have been secretly manipulated, managed, and muzzled — for years — around the world — on multiple topics of first-order significance.

“Manipulated by whom? And to what end?” Those are important remaining questions, and here too, so far, the Twitter Files come up short. In particular, I want to hear more about the involvement of three-letter security agencies like FBI and CIA in shaping our social media, and by extension our world views. (More on this below, but Alan MacLeod of MintPress News has an excellent overview of the general problem.)

“The idea here is to come clean on everything that has happened in the past in order to build public trust for the future,” says Musk.

It is an inspiring example to set. There have absolutely been similar shenanigans underway across all social media. When do we get to see the Facebook Files, the YouTube Download, the Snapchat Papers?

For the inaugural episode of the Twitter Files, Taibbi could have drilled down into any number of key historical moments. For example, the decision to kick a sitting U.S. president out of an international public discussion forum — the decision to ban the elected U.S. president from a medium otherwise free and open to virtually everyone else around the world — that was crazy and unprecedented. As we continue to open the Twitter Files, it will be fascinating to see how that decision process unfolded to “delete” the president from Twitter.

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