Automotive expert Tom Blocker joins Good Morning BT talking about Tesla beginning to deliver new Cybertrucks, and Consumer Reports reveals its Top 10 list of what it considers to be the most reliable vehicle brands.

Elon Musk said posts on his social media platform (X-Twitter) were not anti-Semitic, but rather a warning about funding perceived persecuted groups that might want to murder you. Plus, Hamas honors ceasefire by murdering more Israelis. Listen Here:

The tech mogul behind PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, and now X-Twitter gave a wide-ranging interview at a conference yesterday where he told companies boycotting his social media platform to “Go f— yourself.” He also suggested the turmoil at the artificial intelligence company creating OpenAI might be due to something they discovered that scared company officials. Listen […]

Cyber security expert Theresa Payton joins Good Morning BT talking about better passwords, a class action lawsuit against Facebook, positive medical uses for artificial intelligence (AI), and a new Tesla Cybertruck spotted at a photo shoot in Iceland ahead of its official launch.

Elon Musk has another terrible idea for Twitter and so I hope Mark Zuckerberg kicks his butt in their on-again-off-again cage match. Also, the Republican debate next week is a clown show. Listen Here:

WBT afternoon host Brett Winterble joins Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman with his take on Elon Musk apparently switching the name of his social media platform from "Twitter" to "X," and the new Barbie and Oppenheimer movies,

Matt Taibbi released the sixth installment of the Twitter Files over the weekend, exposing the company as, essentially, a cutout for the US intelligence community. From FOX News: Substack writer Matt Taibbi added a “supplemental” thread on Sunday to his latest “Twitter Files” drop on FBI connections with the social media site. After revealing on […]

The talking points have gone out, and journalismers at corporate media outlets are amplifying The Official Narrative. They are smearing the actual journalist reporting on the internal decisions at Twitter to suppress the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election as a “doing PR for the richest man on Earth.” David Strom at […]

Twitter’s new owner released “The Twitter Files” on Friday evening, documenting how the social media company suppressed the legitimate and accurate NY Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop, just ahead of the 2020 election. Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley: “Handled.” That one word, responding to a 2020 demand to censor a list of Twitter users, speaks […]

After Elon Musk bought Twitter and said he would make it allow for more free speech and fewer bans, the President of the US says it might be worth looking into the tech mogul. CFIUS stands for the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States — it reviews national security threats emanating from business deals. It hasn’t investigated […]