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American politics may be ugly right now, but it could get worse after the 2022 midterms. Donald Trump looks for someone to blame for the Republicans underwhelming performance at the polls.

Breitbart breaks down the numbers from the 2022 midterms:

In five additional Senate races, Republican candidates’ numbers were also overstated in the polls, as seen in the difference between polling averages and projected outcomes. Those include Ohio (1.4 points), North Carolina (2.6 points), Arizona (5.3 points), Georgia (2.3 points), and Nevada (0.7 points).

Not all voting tabulations are finalized. Nevada and Arizona remain undetermined, and Georgia will head to a runoff. Republicans need to win two out of three to retake the Senate.

Though polling overstated Republican support in the Senate races, House Republican candidates earned nearly six million more votes nationwide than Democrats, overperforming in the generic congressional ballot polling.

The overperformance, however, did not directly translate to a red wave flipping many seats from Democrat to Republican.

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