In slurred remarks, President Joe Biden announced the launch of an app to let unauthorized immigrants seek asylum in the US, while also promising to visit the US-Mexico border to see how bad of a situation he has created since being elected. Listen Here:

With many conservatives tired of the current GOP leadership, the GOP need to inject some new blood into the party. Politico has more.   Survivors of the Robb Elementary school shooting are suing the Uvalde Police Department, the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District and others, for $27 billion. CNN has more on the story:   […]

American politics may be ugly right now, but it could get worse after the 2022 midterms. Donald Trump looks for someone to blame for the Republicans underwhelming performance at the polls. Breitbart breaks down the numbers from the 2022 midterms: In five additional Senate races, Republican candidates’ numbers were also overstated in the polls, as seen in the […]

Breitbart reports that GOP congressional candidates are pulling ahead in 10 different congressional districts but will we see the red wave that many are predicting?  The story of Emmett Till is making the rounds again as a new film outlines the tragedy and unanswered questions surrounding the murder of Emmett Till. Mercury News has more: […]

The rush to blame conservatives for a drug-addled insane person attacking Paul Pelosi is disgusting and a stain on the American media and Democrats engaging in it. Rich Lowry at National Review writes: Of course, it’s not enough to leave it at that. The press and Democrats have brushed right by the evidence of the attacker’s […]

A bunch of new polling shows a growing trend line towards Republican candidates ahead of the midterm election. Axios reports: House Republicans are increasingly confident they can make unexpected inroads into some solidly Democratic congressional districts, including in some of the bluest states in the country: California, Connecticut, New York, Oregon and Rhode Island. Why it […]

In a startling development, we learn that Republicans are trying to win elections. Even worse? They are attempting to do so by attracting non-white voters!!

Pete continues discussing the editorial in The Charlotte Observer on who is the face of the republican party in NC. Pete asks, why isn’t Tllis the face of the GOP in NC?

GOP Co-Chair Tommy Hicks talks about the 2022 midterm elections and how important grabbing Republican Congressional seats will be to stopping Joe Biden & Kamala Harris' radical policies. 

In the final hour of the show, former NC Governor and WBT host Pat McCrory stops by to talk about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict in relation to his time as Governor. NC GOP Chair Michael Whatley also stops by to talk about how Joe Biden's "Build Back Better" bill can be stopped on Capitol Hill so that generations of Americans aren't paying for it for years. Pete wraps the show talking about Dr. Anthony Fauci being caught not wearing a mask indoors in Washington, DC.