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A bunch of new polling shows a growing trend line towards Republican candidates ahead of the midterm election.

Axios reports:

House Republicans are increasingly confident they can make unexpected inroads into some solidly Democratic congressional districts, including in some of the bluest states in the country: California, Connecticut, New York, Oregon and Rhode Island.

Why it matters: Following the money is as important as following the (limited) congressional public polling. Republicans are now pouring over $25 million into some of the bluest political battlegrounds on the map — a fresh sign that the political winds favor the GOP down the home stretch.

In-person Early Voting starts on Thursday in North Carolina. Two of the most important races on the ballot will be for the state Supreme Court. The Smoky Mountain News has a run down of the candidates vying for the two seats.

North Carolina Supreme Court races aren’t traditionally on voters’ collective radar, but as the public has begun viewing the courts as more politicized, and with all that may be at stake in the coming years, those on the bench and those in the two major parties are doing what they can to bring the elections to the fore.

There are two associate justice seats open on the seven-person court in 2022. Right now, Democrats control four of the seven seats, but the party needs to win both elections to maintain that advantage. But as Election Day nears, Republicans are looking more like they’ll end up flipping the court by winning at least one of the two seats.

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