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Rather than attempt to tamp down anger, President Joe Biden delivered a political speech with a Nazi aesthetic last week. It was seen as an aggressive provocation of half the nation by lifelong Democrat Scott J. Street:

As speeches go, the Biden speech was a letdown, filled with shallow attacks on broad categories of people and, of course, the former president. Nobody outside of a CNN newsroom, which appears to have modified the speech’s lighting in real-time, will be inspired by a fall campaign focused on Donald Trump and the people who rioted at the Capitol.

But writing a poor speech is one thing. Delivering it in front of a Nuremberg-style backdrop is quite another. The imagery shocked many people. It should have shocked everybody. It took just a few minutes for The Babylon Bee to draw comparisons between Biden’s speech and Nazi Germany. And while most Nazi comparisons are exaggerated, these ones struck a little too close to home.

After all, while the president warns about fascism (or “semi-fascism,” whatever that is) in America, his administration is the one censoring people who disagree with it and trying to prosecute its political opponents, both flagrant violations of democratic norms. His administration is the one that, while claiming to crack down on Big Tech, works with it to punish dissenting voices and stifle debate. His administration is one that attacks its critics as terrorists, and which compares speech to violence.

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