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There is a growing movement to restore “classical education.” As the Washington Examiner reports:

“[G.K.] Chesterton articulates so well [this vision] of education being the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to the next,” Tate said. “But suddenly, there was nother we were passing down. Everything had been dismantled or deconstructed, and there was nothing beautiful or meaningful left to pass down…”

As more parents become aware of the existence of this kind of education, the supply of schools is increasing to meet the demand.

Meanwhile, the percent of US college students majoring in the humanities has plummeted. Noah Smith writes about the Elite Overproduction Theory:

“Basically, the idea here is that America produced a lot of highly educated people with great expectations for their place in American society, but that our economic and social system was unable to accommodate many of these expectations, causing them to turn to leftist politics and other disruptive actions out of frustration and disappointment.”

Smith argues that this gap between expectation and reality helps explain the rise of leftism in America. How to address it? He suggests lowering expectations.