A Harvard-Harris poll shows how successful cultural Marxists have been in teaching 18-24 year-olds to hate their society. Listen Here:

Ripping down the Reconciliation Monument and teaching young Americans to hate are symptoms of the same rot in the nation’s education system. Listen Here:

A Leftist writer at Slate “unlearns” his resistance to show graphic material to his kids. Plus, an expert testifies at a public inquiry in the UK that lockdowns were a “failure” of public health policy. Listen Here:

Jason Lewis fills in for Pete Kaliner. The sexualization of children in education is getting out of hand. Also, Jason talks about the other major issues that education is facing in America today. Listen Here:

Are we teaching “real history” or not? I’m losing track. The two sentences included in Florida’s African American history standards are: “In addition to agricultural work, enslaved people learned specialized trades and worked as painters, carpenters, tailors, musicians, and healers in the North and the South. Once free, African Americans used these skills to provide […]

Vince discusses the issues with education today and potential solutions. Also, we’re finding out more about why Tucker Carlson was let go from Fox News. Forbes reports: Citing eight unnamed sources at Fox, Rolling Stone reports that the network’s executives have maintained a so-called “oppo-file” against Carlson, which they intend to use in the event he attacks the […]

Children, teachers and parents are still struggling after Covid. Vince discusses its long-term effects on education. Also, Transformation Tuesday. Listen Here:

It’s becoming increasingly clear that too many people in the K-12 education industry don’t see the activism of some teachers in the ranks. Parents who respond are not picking fights in the culture war. They’re responding to it. Listen Here:

The Cabarrus County School Board are reviewing the district’s policies guiding age-appropriate books in school libraries. According to the Charlotte Observer: Board members during a meeting Monday night agreed books have “fallen through the cracks” despite some policies being in place, member Carolyn Carpenter said. One of those books, “Looking for Alaska,” an award-winning teen […]

There is a growing movement to restore “classical education.” As the Washington Examiner reports: “[G.K.] Chesterton articulates so well [this vision] of education being the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to the next,” Tate said. “But suddenly, there was nother we were passing down. Everything had been dismantled or deconstructed, […]