Vice President Harris Meets Virtually With Community Leaders On Covid-19 Public Education Efforts

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

Vice President Kamala Harris toured the country to tell everyone stimulus checks would be in the mail soon. A perk of taking the reins of as second-in-command. But as glamorous as it was for Harris to play the role of Oprah during a holiday giveaway week, that all came to a screeching halt to deal with one of the worst humanitarian crises in US history.

From the start, Biden administration officials have had trouble explaining what her assignment is, and what it’s not, when it comes to the influx of migrants overwhelming U.S. border agents. It’s an important task for the safety of the country and for diplomatic relations in the region.

Whether we want to believe it or not, the madam VP is working to ease the crisis, along with coordinating those efforts between Mexico and the three countries of Central America’s Northern Triangle. At least, that’s what’s scripted on paper as her current duties.

But, what exactly is her role and why is she not reporting about the progress being made? We’ve been told she’s not in charge of the border itself or the flow of immigrants surging into the country.

Yet, on the other hand, Harris has yet to schedule trips to the Northern Triangle countries, though she has begun getting briefed on the diplomatic issues. None of which makes sense from the standpoint of combating the issues head on. If she is supposed to be working to improve the conditions for all people in the Central American region, shouldn’t she be front and center as a spokeswoman for the U.S. in all of this? Surely, that’s the case, right?

Instead, there is no plan from Biden expect to give the perception he delegated this monumental responsibility to his VP, and it’s being handled by her accordingly. We the people deserve transparency from the office of the presidency.

Even if Harris convinces many people that she is not directly responsible for condition at the border, she will be guilty by association. This will be something the Biden/Harris camps will eventually need to own up to. All as she is trying to solve the “root causes” of migration that send people from their home countries.