Kamala Harris

Vice President and legendary campaigner, Kamala Harris, spent the day in Charlotte telling people to go to a website to get internet, and to elect more Democrats so abortions won’t get outlawed.

As Vice President Kamala Harris comes to town to stump for Democrat candidates and abortion, Hispanic voters are flocking to the GOP.

Vice President Kamala Harris came to Charlotte – jamming up traffic and using her famous campaigning skills to stump for Democrat candidates.

Our longtime legal analyst Bill Graham joins Bo Thompson with his reaction to the news that associate justice Stephen Breyer will be stepping down from the Supreme Court and the idea that Vice President Kamala Harris could be nominated to replace him on the high court.

WBT afternoon host Brett Winterble joins Bo Thompson with his take on whether or not Vice President Kamala Harris could be the next Supreme Court justice nominee after associate justice Stephen Breyer retires.

In the first hour of the show, Pete talks about Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's retirement announcement and says that with Joe Biden having the opportunity to nominate his replacement - could it save us from having Kamala Harris as our Vice President

In the second hour of the show, Pete criticizes President Joe Biden for his efforts pushing the voter ID law, and says it runs the risk of changing the constitutional laws already in affect protecting the election process...

Former House of Representatives member Mark Walker joins Pete to talk about his decision before the Christmas holiday to stay in the US Senate race, and gives his opinion on Joe Biden's federal vaccine mandate dying in the Supreme Court. 

In the first hour of the show, Pete talks about President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris' push for voter ID and talks about where he has an issue with their proposed changes to our country's voting process. The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore checks in as well to talk about Weather Storm Izzy expected to hit the Carolinas on Sunday

In the first hour of the show, Pete talks about how poorly the Biden administration has put concerns about COVID to rest.