The evidence is clear that the collapse of the southern US border is intentional. If the government wanted to stop the humanitarian crisis, it could. But it does not… so it does not. Listen Here:

It’s becoming clear that the only way the broken border is going to get fixed is by utterly and completely overwhelming every Democrat-controlled city until they collapse economically. It appears to be the only way that the Biden administration could be forced to act… short of impeachment. Listen Here:

A nation that doesn’t take it’s security seriously is not one that learned lessons about vulnerability from the 9/11 attacks. Listen Here:

Chad Adams talks about illegal immigration and the implications of bad policy. Listen Here:

If only we had time to prepare, maybe the US could have prevented the overwhelming swarm of humanity at the border that threatens to collapse the immigration system and bust government budgets all over the nation. Listen Here:

Vince discusses what to expect now that Title 42 has expired. NBC News has more: Until the spring of 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention argued that Title 42 was needed to contain the coronavirus. But in April 2022, the agency said there was no public health basis to continue expelling migrants and announced […]

More on the Biden documents. The Hill reports:   The discovery of classified documents at President Biden’s old office and Delaware home have thrust Attorney General Merrick Garland back into a situation none of his predecessors have encountered.  Garland has, over the past three months, appointed two special counsels to review the handling of classified documents: […]

In this hour, South Carolina has enacted the Fetal Heartbeat Act. More people are switching political affiliation from democrat to republican. Plus, Vince discusses immigration.

Why on earth is Sen. Chuck Schumer forcing his Democratic colleagues to take a vote on an unpopular abortion bill when it’s sure to fail? Plus, US Sen. Thom Tillis joins me to discuss the abortion bill, Ukraine, immigration reform, and his message to Rep. Madison Cawthorn to “Man up”.

In this hour, JD talks about immigration, Lindsay Graham comments on abortion and John Railey joins the program.