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President Biden Holds Event Marking Equal Pay Day

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

President Biden will announce at his press conference today a new vaccination goal of 200 million doses administered in his first 100 days, According to NBC News reporter Peter Alexander.

The President’s first press conference in the East Room comes days after COVID-19 vaccination efforts were said to be ahead of schedule. As of Wednesday, the US has administered 83.9 million initial doses of the vaccine, which is roughly a quarter of the general population.

Biden enters the 64th day of his presidency on Thursday. According to his announcement, the US will have to ramp up vaccinations to record levels with an average of 3.22 million doses being distributed daily to reach the 200 million dose goal by April 30.

This comes less than 24 hours after Johnson & Johnson said they would be able to provide more doses of than initially promised due to a partnership with Catalent, a “full-finish” facility that bottles vaccines. The company was cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use late Tuesday.

Catalent has already started production of J&J vaccines in a Bloomington, Ind., factory and will begin shipping out shots.

The pharmaceutical giant said 100 million units will be distributed by June. But the FDA still has not decided whether a second key partner in J&J’s plan to jump-start its vaccine production can proceed.

“The agency is mulling an emergency authorization application from Maryland-based Emergent BioSolutions, which is producing the J&J vaccine’s active ingredient, according to two people familiar with J&J’s emergency use authorization process,” told politico on Wednesday.