This week the White House said that a single annual coronavirus shot should provide a "high degree of protection against serious illness all year." Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman takes calls from listeners answering this question: "Would you get the yearly Covid-19 booster just like you get the flu shot?"

"They run into the fire, grab the people that are in there, and pull them then back out through the fire to safety."

Does vaccination status indicate one's level of patriotism?

The heated debate over Covid-19 vaccine mandates is escalating, and concerns about the legalities of government and corporate force versus the civil liberties of American citizens are leading to hard choices, and lawsuits.

Vince Coakley reacts to the President Biden's speech from Thursday night and points out several instances where months ago Washington Democrats were NOT calling for COVID vaccine mandates. What changed and why has this come a political battle?

Former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney - filling in for Vince Coakley - breaks down what he heard from President Joe Biden last night with his plans for a vaccine mandate and what he actually liked hearing from the President. Also, Biden's plans going forward will likely turn him into a one-term president. 

A group of healthcare professionals will be canvassing low-vaccinated neighborhoods in the Charlotte area to administer doses to eligible residents who want to be inoculated. The county also has a home-based vaccination request form on its website available for residents to use. As of now, over half of North Carolina's adult population are considered to be fully vaccinated.

Officials will draw the next $1 million winner from the pool of eligible North Carolinians who've received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose as of Sunday, July 4. However, the incentive of a lump sum payout is not swaying people to line up for their shots.

Cooper noted that similar lottery drawings in other states have propped up their vaccination efforts over the past three weeks. He hopes the same will happen in North Carolina considering the state is near the bottom half for doses administered in the nation. The first drawing is on June 23 with the finale on August 4. 

“We are currently focusing on prioritizing the in-state inventory of vaccine by using a first-in, first-out strategy so that providers use vaccines by date of expiration in chronological order, as well as transferring vaccine between providers who can use them,” the NCDHHS said in an email to the AP on Friday.