Hour 1 – Opened talking about Generosity and Justice.  Congressman Thomas Massie from Kentucky joins to talk about the spending bill and a proposed constitutional amendment to protect our food. Additional discussion about how we have come to need an amendment to protect our food supply.Callers about the food constitutional amendment and spending. MacKenzie Scott, former wife of Jeff Bezos continues to donate to many charities. Justice was served when police officers from a “Goon Squad” were sentenced to prison.

Hour 2 – On Faith Focus Friday, if we want to truly be Christians, we need to have a relationship with God not spiritual tricks according to a book written by Bob Prater. Continuation of Faith Focus Friday with a story about a lady condemned to death who has accepted that life is not fair. Discussion about the uprising at the border.  Donald Trump’s bond money is due on Monday, and he is claiming he has 500 million in cash contradicting his attorneys who say he doesn’t have it. The house has passed the spending continuation bill. More discussion about the fundraising issues for Trump.