Tune in here as Brett Winterble is joined by fellow WBT host Vince Coakley to preview tonight’s debate between GOP Presidential nominees — which will be hosted live by Brett tonight on WBT starting at 8:45.

Brett and Vince explain why they don’t see the event as much of a real debate and more like a glorified press conference + Brett asks Vince if he thinks anybody on the stage tonight will be able to whip up more of a following to rival former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

Vince also explains the role that entertainment has come to play in what resonates with Republican voters + Brett asks Vince if he thinks it is likely we don’t have any cross-party debates in this Presidential election.

Finally Brett and Vince talk about what topics are most likely to come up during the debate and the different strategies they expect to see employed by both candidates + Vince shares how Trump will manage to still be the “star of the debate.”