Breaking with Brett Jensen

Breaking Brett Jensen is on vacation in Europe and when Brett is away the Producers will play! Join WBT producers John Moore, T.J. Boggs, Bernie Bowles and Tommy Fradenburg for the first-ever edition of “The Prod Squad,” the talk show hosted exclusively by producers! Listen as we cover a wide range of topics from the […]

Today on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” to talk about what Brett says could be the best recreation center he’s ever seen up in Huntersville. Brett first shares how important having access to recreational activities was for him growing up before going into some detail about the amenities available at the Northern Regional Recreation Center. He […]

Today was the first official day of training camp for the Carolina Panthers in Spartanburg, South Carolina and WBT Sports’ Sharon Thorsland joined “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” with all the latest. Sharon and Brett kick off the conversation with the highest profile story surrounding the team — Sam Darnold vs. Baker Mayfield. Sharon explains the […]

On this post-election edition of “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” Brett breaks down the results from yesterday’s Mayoral and City Council elections in Charlotte as the Republican’s fell short of their goals.   Brett talked about the uphill battle facing Republican candidates as well as some of the reasons independent’s still leaned Democrat + an interview […]

Today on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” Brett talks about the biggest story lines and questions ahead of July 26th’s election for Charlotte Mayor and City Council. Brett discusses which district races he feels have a foregone conclusion, how District 6 representative Tariq Bokhari could secure reelection + breaks down the final numbers from early voting, […]

Today on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” we talk with current District Six Representative Tariq Bokhari as he runs for re-election. Brett and Tariq talk about the strong turnout of voters so far in a strange summer election as well as his thoughts on his standing in the numbers so far as well as how his […]

Today on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” Brett talks about the elections for mayor and city council in Charlotte. Brett shares the numbers of those who have voted so far and why the low turnout of voters compared to 2019 is deceptive. Brett also addresses the two biggest questions ahead of the election — how many […]

Today on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” Brett shared audio from CMPD Lt. Bryan Crum with the latest information on the suspect that killed 48-year-old Karen Baker at an ATM in the University area of Charlotte. The audio included information about the suspect captured via surveillance video but also a plea from the victim’s son for […]

Today on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” Brett was joined by Emma Withrow of Queen City to talk about Vice President Harris’ speech and closed-door panel event today in Charlotte. Emma shares the biggest subjects discussed at the event, highlighting reproductive rights both in NC and across the nation as well as access to free internet […]

Today on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” Brett takes you through his minute-by-minute account of reporting the events in Gastonia today that resulted in one suspect dead and three police officers injured. Brett explains the details of what happened as well as how he gathered the information from sources + he shares audio from the press […]