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US President Joe Biden COVID-19 response & vaccinations

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

President Joe Biden is making a trip to North Carolina this week.

The commander and chief is coming to the Tar Heel State to help “mobilize grassroots vaccine education and outreach efforts,” according to the White House on Monday. Biden will be in Raleigh on Thursday before heading back to Washington DC.

During the president’s visit he will highlight the ease of getting vaccinated and encourage North Carolinians to be qualified for the $1 million lottery happening over the course of the next two months.

Gov. Roy Cooper announced last week the state would be giving away a total of $4 million dollars to four residents who’ve been vaccinated by June 23.

“We’re pulling out all the stops,” Cooper said during a press conference. “People coming in today to get their first shot will be entered twice to the four drawings.”

One of the reasons Biden is heading south is because North Carolina is lagging behind the national average for the rate of vaccinations. As of Monday (6/21), 4.03 million people were considered fully vaccinated, or a little over half of the adult population in the state.