A mailer went out to Huntersville voters calling four candidates “dangerous Democrat activists.” And while the framing of the news report suggests this is not true, the candidates admit in the story that it is. Listen Here:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg leftists are very worried that three candidates (one Democrat and two unaffiliated) are secretly conservatives. There is no evidence of this, but they are still very worried. Listen Here:

Rallies in support of the 230+ hostages taken by Hamas are planned in Charlotte and Greensboro this Sunday. Meanwhile, a Hamas official promises a million more October 7th massacres. Plus, the Soviet origins of Palestinian nationalism propaganda. Listen Here:

Between Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, they fired lawyer Sydney Powell three times. And so her deal with a Georgia prosecutor to “flip” on the former President might yield very little value. Listen Here:

North Carolina state lawmakers unveiled new legislative district maps. The congressional maps appear to give the GOP an 11-3 or 10-4 split, affecting the balance of power in the US House of Representatives. Listen Here:

A new national survey of teachers finds North Carolina ranks 7th on the top ten list of states where teachers want to move. Listen Here:

When Republican legislative leaders announced the expansion of Medicaid, they tied it to passage of the budget and said it would help secure priorities that might otherwise get vetoed. But now they’ve split Medicaid expansion from the budget and married it to casinos and video poker. And maybe this was the reason for Medicaid expansion […]

Carolina-based companies rank among some of the best in the country. Republicans in Kentucky are attempting to change their messaging on abortion, by steering away from the term, pro-life. Plus, Faith Focus Friday. That and much more on The Vince Coakley Radio Program. Listen Here:

A Raleigh area arsonist is facing charges after internet sleuths identified him as the bicyclist who set fire to a Trump sign. Plus, a former Charlotte judge sues another retired judge for defamation. Also, a Libertarian candidate for NC Governor gets arrested and Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson reportedly stiffed a landlord. Listen Here:

In it’s latest attempt to suppress voter participation, the North Carolina State Board of Elections approved 99 forms of ID that is acceptable for the upcoming election. Listen Here: