When Republican legislative leaders announced the expansion of Medicaid, they tied it to passage of the budget and said it would help secure priorities that might otherwise get vetoed. But now they’ve split Medicaid expansion from the budget and married it to casinos and video poker. And maybe this was the reason for Medicaid expansion […]

Carolina-based companies rank among some of the best in the country. Republicans in Kentucky are attempting to change their messaging on abortion, by steering away from the term, pro-life. Plus, Faith Focus Friday. That and much more on The Vince Coakley Radio Program. Listen Here:

A Raleigh area arsonist is facing charges after internet sleuths identified him as the bicyclist who set fire to a Trump sign. Plus, a former Charlotte judge sues another retired judge for defamation. Also, a Libertarian candidate for NC Governor gets arrested and Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson reportedly stiffed a landlord. Listen Here:

In it’s latest attempt to suppress voter participation, the North Carolina State Board of Elections approved 99 forms of ID that is acceptable for the upcoming election. Listen Here:

It’s been three years since Governor Roy Cooper locked down the economy in response to the COVID pandemic. Downtown districts across America – including Charlotte and Raleigh – are still struggling to recover. Plus, Anchor Brewing is shutting down. Listen Here:

One of the reasons the North Carolina legislature has not ratified a new budget yet is a $1.43 billion proposal that would create a nonprofit organization to issue grants to “turn ideas and discoveries into companies.” Called NCInnovation, the funds would establish an endowment that kicks off $106 million annually to be used for grants. […]

North Carolina’s Republican legislature passed the Pretrial Integrity Act, and the Democrat governor signed it into law, amid complaints that it was too easy for suspects to bail out of jail after being arrested for serious crimes. Listen Here:

The Charlotte Observer did a massive Sunday story on a trans child and her family. They’re worried about a proposed law in North Carolina that might or might not impact their ability to continue puberty blockers to keep their daughter from going through puberty. Listen Here:

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper vetoed three bills yesterday, even though the public is turning against his position on them. Listen Here:

North Carolina’s Attorney General Josh Stein added another example of his willingness to lie about political opponents in order to seize power. This time, it’s promoting a selectively edited video clip to portray NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson as a Nazi. Listen Here: