Vince discusses other GOP Presidential candidates that could be running against Donald Trump in the Republican Primary. More on the potential side effects of the Covid vaccine. That and much more on The Vince Coakley Radio Program. Listen Here:

The controversial ad campaigns by the fashion designer, Balanciaga, cannot simply be coincidentally controversial for the same reasons. Also, a historical first for a non-binary government official: felony theft charges! And a new research paper claims people experienced side effects from the COVID vaccines because they were concerned about getting side effects from the COVID […]

In the latest NY Supreme Court ruling, New York City has been ordered to bring back workers that were fired due to refusal to get the Covid vaccine. Bloomberg reports:   New York City was ordered to reinstate a group of sanitation workers fired for refusing to get a Covid-19 vaccine after a state court […]

In a recent story by Yahoo, Core U.S. inflation has risen to a 40 year high: A closely watched measure of US consumer prices rose by more than forecast to a 40-year high in September, pressuring the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates even more aggressively to stamp out persistent inflation. The core consumer price index, which […]

Mark Pellin, Editor of Headline USA, reports on the explosive admission from a Pfizer official that the COVID shot was never tested to prevent transmission: In jaw-dropping testimony before a European Parliament hearing this week, one of Pfizer’s top directors admitted to the fraudulent narrative that government tyrants and medical despots concocted and used to […]

"He hasn't had any successes. None of these bills have passed, he's gone over seas. He's come up short, time and time again."

"They run into the fire, grab the people that are in there, and pull them then back out through the fire to safety."

Former CMPD Chief Kerr Putney joins Bo Thompson with his opinion about police departments subjecting their officers to Covid-19 vaccine mandates under threat of losing their careers, new evidence in the Beatties Ford road killings from 16 months ago, a new virtual reality simulator custom made for police de-escalation training, and the Alec Baldwin movie set fatal shooting.

Congressman Dr. Greg Murphy joins Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman to clarify the somewhat confusing topic of Covid-19 booster shots - when to get them, how many to get, and whether or not the vaccine booster manufacturer needs to match the original vaccine manufacturer. 


Biden will be in Raleigh on Thursday before heading back to Washington DC. During the president’s visit he will highlight the ease of getting vaccinated and encourage North Carolinians to be qualified for the $1 million lottery happening over the course of the next two months.