Speaker Vote

Source: Tom Williams / Getty

After 15 rounds of voting for Speaker of the House, Rep. Kevin McCarthy has been appointed. CNBC has more 

Newly elected U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy took the gavel of the chamber after a bruising weeklong battle within his own party, promising to carry out a conservative, America-first agenda, tackling the immigration crisis at the Mexican border, cutting back funding at the IRS and fixing “woke indoctrination in our schools.” 

After 14 failed votes since Tuesday, the California Republican was able to overcome opposition after making extraordinary concessions to a small bloc of far-right holdouts who refused to support his speaker bid. 

McCarthy laid out an ambitious plan in addressing the 118th congressional session early Saturday morning, saying he wants to “be the check and provide some balance” to President Joe Biden’s policies. He said the first legislation he plans to tackle will repeal funding for more than 87,000 new IRS agents. He highlighted immigration reform as a top priority, saying the Republican-controlled House will hold some of its first hearings of the year at the Southern border. 

“No more ignoring this crisis of safety and sovereignty,” he said. “We must secure our border.” 

Also, Congressman Dan Bishop joins the broadcast to break down the vote for Speaker of the House.  

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