After the latest tragic shooting in Colorado, Vince talks about the increase in Americans carrying handguns.  

The recent Mar-A-Lago visit by Kanye West is being widely criticized. Trump took to Truth Social to respond to critics.  

Citizens in China are protesting Covid lockdowns. The Chinese government has made it clear that protestors will receive “extreme punishment.” UK Daily Mail has more:  

The blaze broke out in a residential high-rise building in Urumqi, a city in western China infamous for the repression of Uighur citizens and where the temperatures have dropped below freezing after dark. 

The fire is thought to have begun with a faulty electric socket in a bedroom on the 15th floor, before spreading rapidly to engulf the flats on higher levels in a hell of burning flames, thick smoke and toxic fumes. 

Shockingly, the homes were filled with families enduring their third month of Covid lockdown, who found themselves trapped in a blazing inferno because of the brutal health restrictions of a dictatorial regime. 

Also, Musical Monday. 

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