Former President Obama Campaigns With Michigan Democrats Ahead Of Midterms

Source: Matthew Hatcher / Getty

CBS News reports that many voters feel things are “out of control” and it could lead to republicans winning in key states: 

Republicans today remain in good position to win a majority of seats in the House. However, voters’ current intentions suggest anything from a sizable GOP majority to a bare Democratic one possible. Our latest model indicates a range of possibilities, which you can explore using the interactive tool below. 

In our baseline model, Republicans lead in 228 seats. It represents a slight shift their way from a few weeks ago, with the party recapturing some of the leads that slipped from them in the summer. 

That would constitute a 15-seat gain — lower than average for a party challenging a first-term president in recent history. At that level, the majority line is just on the lower edge of the margin of error for our model. 

Vince discusses the attack that occurred on Friday involving Paul Pelosi.  

Also, Musical Monday. 

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