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The crazy man that attacked Paul Pelosi is crazy. And that’s the only reason he attacked Pelosi. Nobody else is to blame for the crazy attacker’s crazy attack. Listen Here:

The rush to blame conservatives for a drug-addled insane person attacking Paul Pelosi is disgusting and a stain on the American media and Democrats engaging in it. Rich Lowry at National Review writes: Of course, it’s not enough to leave it at that. The press and Democrats have brushed right by the evidence of the attacker’s […]

In the wake of a hammer attack on Paul Pelosi at his San Francisco home, Democrats and media raced to blame Republicans for inciting the violence. They based their tendentious claims on bizarre social media posts expounding conspiracy theories. But the attack and the paranoia are symptoms of the psychosis – which was tied to […]

CBS News reports that many voters feel things are “out of control” and it could lead to republicans winning in key states:  Republicans today remain in good position to win a majority of seats in the House. However, voters’ current intentions suggest anything from a sizable GOP majority to a bare Democratic one possible. Our […]

Details are emerging about the vicious attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Listen Here:

In this hour, the latest CDC guidelines on Monkeypox. More on Paul Pelosi pleading guilty to a DUI charge. Plus, the senate race in Florida is heating up.