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Donald Trump Holds Rally For North Carolina Midterm Candidates

Source: Allison Joyce / Getty

Friday night saw the first (and only) debate for US Senate in North Carolina. It was aired on Spectrum News:

The two top candidates running for North Carolina’s open seat in the U.S. Senate, Republican Ted Budd and Democrat Cheri Beasley, met for a debate in Raleigh on Friday night.

Hosted by Spectrum News 1, Friday’s debate is the only time the two candidates were scheduled to meet before the Nov. 8 election.

Writing at Longleaf, Andrew Dunn said Budd hammered Beasley as a rubber stamp for the Biden agenda, and didn’t make any serious mistakes.

Debates are about moments, as Democratic strategist Morgan Jackson pointed out when he made the rounds on the state’s political podcasts this week.

Last night’s U.S. Senate debate between Ted Budd and Cheri Beasley really had just one.

Moderator Tim Boyum asked both candidates about their relationship with the leaders of their parties — President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Budd handled it decently well, pointing out economic growth under the previous administration, and saying Trump endorsed him because he’s “America First.”

Beasley … well, she didn’t handle it well at all.

When asked whether she’d stand on stage next to President Biden were he to come campaign in North Carolina, Beasley awkwardly danced around the question. After stumbling, she said she’d have to see if she was available.

As Western Carolina University political scientist Dr. Chris Cooper said, “There was no mic drop moment.”

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