Matt Mercer from the North State Journal examines Ted Budd’s “methodical” and “boring” campaign for US Senator in NC. Listen Here:

There should be cautious optimism among republican voters as we’re one day away from the 2022 midterms.  A new poll shows J.D. Vance is gaining traction in Ohio polls. Breitbart has the story:   The poll sampled the 1,123 likely general election voters from November 3 to 5, with a 2.9 percent margin of error […]

At Friday’s US Senate debate between Cheri Beasley and Ted Budd, the Democratic candidate stated that inflation was the most pressing issue facing the nation, but that it was driven by corporations “price gouging” and by the cost of prescription drugs. “Corporations are seeing 70-year record profits and using that as a cover for inflation […]

Friday night saw the first (and only) debate for US Senate in North Carolina. It was aired on Spectrum News: The two top candidates running for North Carolina’s open seat in the U.S. Senate, Republican Ted Budd and Democrat Cheri Beasley, met for a debate in Raleigh on Friday night. Hosted by Spectrum News 1, […]

NC Congressman Ted Budd discusses his run for US Senate and the Friday debate with his opponent, Democrat Cheri Beasley. Listen Here:

Democratic strategists and operatives in North Caroline are worried that the national party is ignoring the race for US Senate here, and will miss an opportunity to flip a winnable seat. From The Hill: North Carolina Democrats are pleading for outside groups to funnel more money into the state’s hotly contested Senate race, believing that […]

J.D. Hayworth fills in for Vince Coakley. Donald Trump visited Wilmington, NC this weekend to continue his endorsement of Ted Budd. Wilmington Star-News has more on the rally: Trump spoke on a number of issues, including border security, the Jan. 6 insurrection investigation and the 2020 election results. He also addressed North Carolina issues, criticizing Gov. Roy […]

No, terrorizing motorists in Uptown & Southend Charlotte is not art. Plus, Ted Budd and Cheri Beasley will apparently debate. Maybe.

J.D. talks about the recent polling from WRAL showing that Cheri Beasley Leads Ted Budd. Also, more on President Biden and his comments on spending.

Former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory got blown out in the Republican primary yesterday by Congressman Ted Budd, who benefited from about $10 million in negative ads against McCrory.