NC Senate

Listeners react to the debate by Matthew Hoh (Green Party) and Shannon Bray (Libertarian Party) from the previous two hours.

Shannon Bray (Libertarian) and Matthew Hoh (Green) are running for the US Senate in North Carolina. They have not been invited to debate the Democrat and Republican candidates. They say it’s one example of how the two-party duopoly prevents challengers from undermining the system that is rigged in favor of the two major political parties.

Democrats’ opposition to the NC Senate’s “Parents Bill of Rights” is another example of how disconnected the party has grown from the concerns many parents have about the public education system.

Highlights (and lowlights) of the debate over North Carolina’s “Parents Bill of Rights” legislation that passed the state Senate this week.

Republicans – and one Democrat – in the North Carolina Senate passed a bill detailing parental rights for those with kids in government schools. Democrats say the bill is anti-LGBT because it prevents inclusion of sexual orientation or gender identity in the curriculum.

Chris McCoy, the State Director of Americans For Prosperity – NC, says the Republican-led House should block the GOP-led Senate attempt to expand Medicaid.

A look at the money starting to pour into North Carolina in the fight for the open US Senate seat. Plus, NC lawmakers introduce a Parents Bill of Rights. Outrage ensues.