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House Intelligence Chairman Rogers Releases Report On Chinese Telecom Companies

Source: Mark Wilson / Getty

Former Congressman Mike Rogers stopped by the WBT studio to discuss his new venture called LEAD (Leadership to Ensure the American Dream).

America is the world’s greatest economy because our system is founded on opportunity. Prosperity is central to the American Dream, and the way to achieve it is through offering ideas, products and services that have value in the marketplace.

A central theme of the American Dream is that through hard work and determination, one can advance their station and present more opportunities for their children to succeed. In order for individuals and families to have this opportunity to prosper, we not only need the engines of the industry to grow and provide opportunities, we need to keep the promise that every American has the right to quality education to prepare them for success.

No institution is more part of the fabric of America than the nuclear family. Families provide the nurturing and safety our children need to grow and develop into responsible adult citizens. We must support families by recognizing their needs and lowering barriers to those needs being met.

The foundation of the American Dream is freedom. We secure that freedom by protecting our rights. The Bill of Rights is non-negotiable. The challenge is in maintaining our rights in a rapidly changing world.

“Civic education” should mean more to us than a semester here and there of history and government classes in high school – it should be a life-long pursuit of service and involvement in bettering our country.

We must encourage Americans of all ages to take an active interest in the success of their own communities and of our nation as a whole.

Encouraging civic engagement and education is not a political issue, it is fundamental for the continued success of our nation.

Rogers, a former FBI Special Agent and veteran of the US Army, was the former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. He says he was surprised by the poor training of the Russian troops in their war against Ukraine.

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