The FBI is still refusing to turn over an unclassified document outlining corruption allegations against Joe Biden and his family. Listen Here:

If banning Tik Tok is the objective, the Congressional RESTRICT Act doesn’t appear to be the best way to go about it. Listen Here:

The CEO of TikTok testified before the U.S. Congress today. The Guardian reports:  Members of the committee have cited a Wall Street Journal report that indicates China would oppose a forced sale of TikTok.  “China’s Commerce Ministry said Thursday that a sale or divestiture of TikTok would involve exporting technology and had to be approved by […]

The only explanation for Democrats’ desire to permit the continuation of border chaos is a “Cloward-Piven” play. Plus, House Democrats went looking for a Trump tax return scandal, but found an IRS one. Listen Here:

Congress is looking to pass a $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill before Christmas, in order to avoid a government shutdown. But the massive bill includes millions to lure honeybees to roadsides where they will likely meet their deaths on windshields and bumpers. The Bees & Salmon Act (the B.S. Act) also has $65 million in […]

US Army Green Beret special operator, Pat Harrigan, is running for the newly-created 14th Congressional district in North Carolina. The Republican candidate says his opponent, NC State Senator Jeff Jackson, will be a vote to advance the agenda of the national Democratic Party – which is already having negative impacts on Americans. “The extreme base of the […]

Former Congressman Mike Rogers stopped by the WBT studio to discuss his new venture called LEAD (Leadership to Ensure the American Dream). America is the world’s greatest economy because our system is founded on opportunity. Prosperity is central to the American Dream, and the way to achieve it is through offering ideas, products and services that have […]

North Carolina's 9th Congressional District Congressman Dan Bishop joins Bo Thompson and Brett Jensen talking about Dan's decision to run for North Carolina's 8th Congressional District, and additional changes made by a panel of three trial judges to North Carolina’s congressional district map.

Former Mecklenburg County Commissioner Karen Bentley joins Pete to talk about her decision to run for Congress in the new 13th District of North Carolina. 

In the third hour of the program, NC-11 Congressman Madison Cawthorn joins Pete to talk about his decision to run for Mecklenburg County's new NC-13 District in 2022, and takes listener reaction throughout the hour after the interview. Pete talks about Cawthorn's reasons for switching districts and asks listeners how confident they are in the young Congressman potentially representing Charlotte in Washington.