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WBT’s Joe Gillespie first reported that Charlotte-based Honeywell would play a major role for the state and their plans of an accelerated COVID-19 vaccination roll out. Now, there’s more companies pitching in to ensure North Carolina has the resources needed ahead of more than one million people being inoculated by July 4th.

One of those involved in the collaboration will be Charlotte Motor Speedway which is equipped for being a mass distribution site.

“The vaccine is the light at the end of the tunnel that will help us get back to life as we knew it,” Charlotte Motor Speedway Executive Vice President Greg Walter said on Friday. “And to be part of that is incredible. We do this all the time. we move people in and out . We have almost 2,000 acres out there at the track. We’re experts at moving people. We did it with the Christmas light show. The Avett brothers with over 20,000 in twenty minutes. This kid of logistics thing is something we do day in and day out.”

Charlotte Motor Speedway joins Honeywell, along with the Carolina Panthers, Tepper Sports & Entertainment and Atrium Health to reach the goal.

Here the entire interview with Greg Walter below.