Brett’s interview with Police Chief Johnny Jennings last evening. Teases the Charlotte Job and Recruitment Fair coming up May 30th.  Shares his thoughts as he spent time w/ Jennings. Will this incident hurt recruitment?  Brett had so many questions yet yesterday was not the time.  And we have a 30,000 people concert

Brett comments on “rights” of non-heterosexual males who are protesting…..and why are you here?  Do you know your history? Complements the southern “frat boys” who will take you on….raising the American Flag! WBT’s Brett Winterble joins Brett Jensen to talk about the student protests at UCLA and how the local and state authorities broke up that camp. Breaks-in with President Bidens message on these protests.  Winterble shared his thoughts on Biden’s 3–4 minute speech. WBT’s Brett Winterble continues w/Brett Jensen and comments on bring the UCLA protest to a close.  NYC is 16% Jewish, yet none of their leaders are coming out against all this.

Wells Fargo Tournament Director Garry Soba…Brett’s interview out at Quail Hallow.  All the changes to this upcoming Tournament will be the 6th largest of the year.

      The new video scoreboard,  the Merchandize Tent, food and concessions, and of course the marquee players who will be playing for the championship.

One of Brett’s favorite pastimes is to take shots and NC High School Athlete Association.  All about the $$.

      Now there are 8 classifications for HS sports.  Anyway, to bring in more money is the name of the game!